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The cell-sculpture and the concept of the large-scale installation project reveal the mass and intriguing qualities of what we see in nature from micro to macro. A notion that feels scary and inviting at the same time. I am interested in extending my research into the relationship of the external topography, as a relationship to structure as conflict and suspense to achieve the internal balance in one hand, and the external stability on the other hand, but there is also an in-between space, an abstract or not yet identified “space” created by the combination of organic elements and synthetic objects. The Recycled shredded paper, colored plastic and tulle becomes the reinterpretation of their hidden attributes.

Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty is a multimedia installation that deals with several contemporary issues trough genetics or more specifically trough therapeutic cloning for mainly aesthetic purposes.The installation presents the company Belvedere Cloning Corporation that has the sole rights to “Inner Beauty” cloning. The company will grow any organs from the clients/patients cell and with the help of its artist in residence make minor aesthetic alterations that will result in a more beautiful organ.

 Concern for security and safety is rapidly growing, digital imaging and profiling is becoming part of our daily routine. The introduction of full-scale body scanning as a public safety measure and the adopted technology in clubs and in other venues will affect our aesthetic expectations not only for the objects surrounding us but also for the exterior and interior of our techno-human hybrid body.

 It is at this time that the BCC (Belvedere Cloning Corporation) emerges with a new product offering that concentrates not on external beauty but internal. The BCC will manufacture genetically-modified replications of one’s organs-their liver, heart, or kidneys, for example, that have been altered to be more ‘visually and aesthetically desirable.’  Their goal: to aid clients in becoming beautiful on the inside rather than the outside, thus make literal the phrase ‘inner beauty.’