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DeSculpting, DePicting Absolute Space

Veszi created a language that has diverted into what is an interconnected Landscape utopia. It is a multi dimensional relationship in the way it appears in all interior and exterior spaces. It displays our desire for being in nature periodically maybe constantly or, more frequently influences the physical landscape of our contribution to society. An utopistic vision projected from within the confine of an interior space such as the artist’s studio. Longing for a never seen outerscape that exists repeatedly and consistently as a reflection and an extension of the objects fabricated in the occupied architecture geometry.

They are neither utilitarian nor made for pleasure. There is a rhythm that develops from these choices in regards to how much landscape, as a whole becomes part of our lives. The idea that the psychological Tamas cannot be balanced without the constant realization, that some aspects of our horizon are random but constant. The finite is inevitably infinite so the illusion of our contribution to the complex landscape of existence has to be looked at from the micro level through illusions, objects and their contrasting dialogue.