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Tamas Veszi was born in Budapest in 1972. During the summer of 1987-88 he attended the Free Art School of Szentendre, where at a very early age he became familiar with contemporary art, painting, video art, performance and conceptual thinking.

Tamas Veszi left Hungary at the age of 17 and finished his high school education in Israel. During this period he continued to draw and paint, but felt the need for greater physical contact with the material. As a consequence, he decided to study jewelry and jewelry design. In 1991 he was accepted to the art school “Instituto Per L’Arte E IL Restauro” in Florence. 1994-1995 he was painting and working in Paris, but due to the regulations of the European Community he had to leave France. He returned to Israel and started to work as a jeweler and jewelry designer and continued to paint. In 1996 Veszi applied for the green card, and moved to New York in the fall of 1997. In 1998 he and several other residences of 70 Commercial Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn formed the group “Greenpoint Riverfront Artists.” They generated several performances, rooftop independent film screenings and the annual “Open Studio Tour.” In February 1998 he started his training as a Fine Art major at Pratt Institute. Tamas Veszi received his B.F.A in January 2000.

Veszi attended Brooklyn College working on his M.F.A under the guidance of Elisabeth Murray and Vito Acconci and completed the program in 2006. Veszi currently lives and works in Brooklyn, Greenpoint. He had his first solo show at Allannederpelt Gallery in 2010. Since 2010, Veszi has participated in several exhibitions in New York and internationally. In 2016 Veszi has been nominated to the Efa Shift Residency program.