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Tamas Veszi (born Budapest, Hungary, 1972) is an artist and cultural organizer based in Brooklyn, NY. Through his art practice, he has developed a unique visual language expressing an evolving, interconnected “landscape utopia.” His process involves deconstruction and reconstruction, using manmade materials, to achieve the impossible “absolute” landscape. Working across painting, sculpture, installation, and video, Veszi explores multi-dimensional relationships between interior and exterior space, the tension between the longing to be in a natural landscape, and the architectures we build that confine us.

Outside of his studio, Veszi is a vital contributor to the New York arts community through his role as a cultural organizer and leader in the arts. He is Founding Director of RadiatorArts (since 2012), an artist-run organization in Long Island City, offering artist studios and an exhibition space. The Radiator Gallery acts as a curatorial platform for emerging ideas and international programming. Veszi is also a Founding Member of the Greenpoint Riverfront Artists Association (since 1998), organizing performances, screenings, and open studios.

In 2016, in recognition of his achievements, Veszi was selected to participate in the SHIFT Residency at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, a yearlong program offering space, support and community specifically for artists doing important work for the arts.

Veszi received an MFA in Multidisciplinary Art from Brooklyn College (2006), where he worked under the mentorship of Elisabeth Murray and Vito Acconci. He received a BFA in painting from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn (2000). He also attended Maryland Institute College of Art’s Post-Bac. Program (2003-2004).  Honors include the Cerf Award (2006) and Charles G. Shaw Memorial Award (2005). His first solo show, “The Squirrel and the Burning Bush,” was presented at Allannederpelt Gallery, Brooklyn (2011) and he has had subsequent solo and two-person shows at Flux Gallery, Budapest (2015), Fireworks Gallery (2017), and is currently working on a major retrospective of his work to be presented by Godot Contemporary Art Center in Budapest in 2020.

In addition to the ever-evolving “absolute” landscape body of work, Veszi has created numerous one-off conceptual projects, such as “Inner Beauty,” a speculative, trans-media, parafictional installation centered around cloning for cosmetic purposes; and “Dark Matter,” an austere, expanding horizon-line of blackened, striped objects that allude to the American Flag. “Dark Matter” was included in “Escape from New York,” a pivotal exhibition curated by Olympia Lambert in 2010. Veszi’s work has also been included in group exhibitions and screenings in more than twenty galleries and institutions throughout New York, and in U.S. cities such as Baltimore, MD; Louisville, KT; Pitsburgh, PA; and internationally in Berlin, Budapest, Paris, Prague, and Vienna.

During his formative years in Hungary, Veszi attended the visionary education program of the Free School of Art in Szentendre, an esteemed artists’ commune led by artists Ef Zambo Istvan, Fe Lugossy Laszlo, and Janos Szirtes, in Hungary (1987-88). He completed secondary school in Israel (1991). During this period he continued to draw and paint and subsequently completed a diploma in Jewelry Design at the Instituto Per L’Arte E IL Restauro in Florence, Italy (1993). Following his studies he lived and worked as an artist in Paris until he moved to New York 1997, where he settled in Greenpoint and has been based there ever since. He is bilingual in English and Hungarian and fluent in Italian and Hebrew.