Dark Matter

I am interested in the transformation of visual symbols like the American flag from the time I was still living in Hungary in the eighties through 9/11 to its present symbolic flow.

I am proposing to exhibit an existing work that I have never shown in New York before.  The flag represents a shadow of ideal glory and strength. Its significance has been constantly shifting from a symbol of hope and freedom to nationalism into a symbol of hate and aggression and false ideals for many people. It is a representation of our fragile system that is structured on symbols in constant transition. The grey surface of the canvases is almost black from the distance. But it’s never a binary solution.

The number of pieces for the specific exhibition can fluctuate, but when the paintings are shown individually they become an undesirable relic, and as a whole they form a certain “scape” of continuum, the horizon of social contradiction. I am very interested to show this painting installation at the Queens International as extremely relevant.


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