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Stereo Scientific

Mutual Impact/Reverse Methods Series, Stereo Scientific Approximation of the Senses: The case of the Interference, In-between One Another

In this piece titled: The Case of the Interference, In-between One Another, I am investigating the stereo scientific relationship of the senses by juxtaposing sculpture and digital imagery and our basic biological sensory functions. Materials include terracotta masks, metal work and digital processing. I explore the interactivity of these multi-media pieces, which point to the familiar layered experience of communication and recognition. On one level I question ways in which this experience makes us realize and deconstruct levels of communication and interaction, but a certain progress with in the repetition of the multiples also becomes apparent.

On another level, I question perception, through exploring stereoscopic visual technique, and how visual imagery affects knowledge. We perceive the world like a 3-D cinema (stereoscopically) through two slightly varying images (our eyes). However we see most media images (film and video screens, billboards, advertising) on flat 2-D screen/print.

The three terracotta, life-size masks will be positioned on the wall. The masks look out from that empty deep space. Front of the masks there will be an attachment of a stereoscopic viewer, a hybrid component of a Cyborg like being. The only way the stereoscopic display differs from a normal planer is that they are able to show different parallax values of the image points. When an observer looks at a point on a object, the rays of light originating at that point focus upon the centers of the retinas in both because our eyes are sets of muscles which move your eyes to accomplish this. Looking in to the specially designed viewer there will a transparent 3d image, trough we will be able to see the mask. This will create layers of realities and the space of communication between individuals.